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Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of this policy Words By Eve is referred to as WBE


• All quotations supplied are valid for 20 days only. Following this, changes in prices may apply.
• Verbal quotations/estimates must be supported by written confirmation to be valid and binding.
• Only work detailed in the written quotation is being accounted for. Additional work/tasks/requests not covered in the original quotation may result in additional fees.
• WBE typically charges on a price-per-project basis, which is always agreed in advance.

Securing Projects

• Projects can only be scheduled on receipt of the initial deposit or payment.
• All projects require a deposit of 50% before work commences.
• Final payment is due within 15 days of project completion.
• Monthly retainer agreements are to be paid one month in advance at all times.
• Until any required initial payments have been received, projects cannot be scheduled in and other jobs may take precedence.
• Projects will only begin once a contract has been signed and returned and deposit received.
• Minor work or alterations made after project completion will require full payment in advance.

Payment Methods

• All payments are to be paid via bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed.
• WBE does not charge VAT.
• Payments made later than 15 days after invoicing may be considered actionable and interest charged according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) act 1998.
• The existence of an ‘end of following month’ payment practice in your company’s handling of accounts payable will in no way alter your obligation to make payment on the due date shown on any invoice. If your company wishes to enforce such a payment policy, please discuss this before contracting.

Confirmation And Cancellation

• Clients will incur no charge for cancelling a project under discussion before the initial payment has been made.
• If you wish to cancel this agreement, I will retain your deposit and you may be required to make an additional payment to cover the work I’ve done. This ‘kill fee’ will be based on the percentage of the project completed.

Ownership And Copyright

• The final materials will become the property of the client only upon full payment of the project.
• If final payment is NOT received as agreed, all written and visual work and concepts will remain the property of WBE, until payment has been received.
• WBE retains the right to publish extracts of work completed for clients for the purposes of self-promotion (e.g. on our website), unless specifically prohibited by a signed non-disclosure agreement.
• The client confirms that they own the copyright for any written or visual materials that they supply to be incorporated within their project. Should there be a copyright dispute between the client and a third party regarding any such material, WBE is indemnified against any claim that is made with regards to a breach of copyright.
• The client is solely responsible for ensuring that all material and information provided is free from existing copyright and/or that they have all necessary permissions if not.

Project Sign-Off

• WBE will provide the Client with an opportunity to review the work at agreed intervals.
• At the completion of the project, such materials will be deemed to be accepted and approved unless the Client notifies WBE otherwise within ten (10) days of the date the materials are made available to the Client.
• Once a project had been signed off (or presumed signed off if no amendments are requested within 10 days) any further work or amendments relating to the project will be quoted for separately.
• Clients accept full responsibility for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of their product or service and must immediately advise WBE if anything written is in any way untrue, inaccurate and/or misleading.