The Chronicles of A Marketing Case Study

Life can be full of drama but writing a marketing case study shouldn’t be. By understanding the key players, an ordinary event can turn into a compelling marketing tool to draw your audience in.

The Company

We all love to hear about positive customer experiences. It changes our view of corporations from soulless entities into socially conscious beings that care about their customers, not just the money in their pockets.

In a world full of bad press, it is so important for a business to highlight their successes by way of a skillfully written marketing case study.

It is important to identify the stakeholders within the company and get their perspective at the beginning of the process. This will also make signing off the final draft a whole lot easier.

The Customer

Having a great story to tell is only half of it. To be truly effective, there needs to be a human face that other customers can relate to. The obvious choice would be someone who has had a positive experience with the company.

Once you know who this is, make sure they are happy to be interviewed and go on the record. A great tip is to send your interview questions ahead of time to give them a chance to think about their responses. Always get their final approval before you publish the marketing case study to make sure you haven’t misquoted them.

The Content

Now that you have input from the company and the customer, comes the content. Content isn’t just writing words but adding in facts and figures to support. For example, if a product has increased your customer’s sales, then there should be growth in revenue. Or if a service leads to more visits to their website, then equally there should be some evidence of this.

Bold statements and quotes can give a lot of weight to a marketing case study, but actual figures take it one step further. Your intended audience can see how practical the solution is and how it might benefit them as well.

This is where good research comes in. The company and customer might have some statistics you can include but don’t rely solely on these. An internet search is also very helpful, but make sure to use credible sources and cite them appropriately.

When executed properly, a marketing case study can become an effective tool in a your marketing arsenal, reaching audiences and solidifying your brand. All that is required now is the right person to tell the story – get in touch to find out how I can help.



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