When you contact me, either through email or phone, we can briefly discuss what you are looking for. From there I will schedule a meeting on the phone or Skype to go through the project in more detail.

During that time, I will create a brief with information such as your business, timescales, the type of content you need and the deliverables.

After that I will send you my proposal and if you are happy to go ahead, we can take it from there.

That is the question of the day. Unfortunately, it’s not a clear-cut answer.

My fees are dependent on a few things: The size of the project, research involved, timelines and revisions required.

Once we discuss your project and requirements I can advise you of the cost.

All payments are to be paid via bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed.

Final payment is due no later than 15 days after project completion. Please see my Terms and Conditions for more details.

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